Solution Overview

BWS.ESG.Credits solution overview

This API solution is designed for financial institutions that want to quickly add ESG impact benefits to their digital channels and investment reporting. The benefits come from investments made in green assets. Typical use cases include:

  1. Banks and investment advisors who want to create and provide investor reports to their broad customer base in digital channels, for the specific scope of green assets they market.

  2. Institutional investors in green assets who want to create and view investment reports for their own investment portfolio of broadly available green assets.

  3. Venture capitalists funding green projects that want to create and provide their sponsors with investor reports on both project and consolidated levels, for each sponsor’s investment mix.

  4. Issuers of green assets that want to provide banks, advisors, and investors with impact details for promotional purposes, and for use in impact calculations.

  5. Certification bodies and agents that want to digitally publish quality-assured impact characteristics of green projects and green frameworks to issuers of green assets.

By utilizing this API solution, your development team can accelerate the development of your ESG impact reporting solution. The underlying information model and calculation methods are designed to make it easy for you to add impact reporting to your digital channels and investment reporting.

Impact reporting can be done as per the ICMA framework or any taxonomy of choice. The solution supports two levels of impact categories and two levels of impact indicators, as well as any impact unit.

Impact amounts are calculated per annum or as per the term of the financial instrument. The green frameworks' “impact profile” forms the basis for calculations. Benefit characteristics of the green projects invested in can be consolidated and form your green framework.

You can tie United Nations SDGs and EU’s Environmental Objectives classifications to taxonomy impact categories as per your choice. Any combination of currencies are supported, and your choice of taxonomy language can be accessed interchangeable.

The ESG impact profile of your framework can be immutably stored in a blockchain to demonstrate your committment. Blockchain certificates for your customers' specific investment in green assets can also be issued with help of ESG.Credits. Finally, the blockchain can be utilized to ensure that green project benefits are not double-counted across the debt capital community.

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