Save data to selected blockchain.

Saves a string to the blockchain network

POST https://api.bws.ninja/v1/call

Use this operation to save data to the blockchain.

Request Body

    "statusCode": 200,
    "statusMessage": "",
    "info": {
        "jobId": "59d0f46b-0b58-4972-8aca-51d06f69f25e"

Method Parameters

Curl Example

This operation is asynchronous. Once executed, check the results using fetch API and the providedjobId.

curl --location 'https://api.bws.ninja/v1/call' \
--header 'X-Api-Key: API-KEY' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data '{
    "solution": "BWS.Blockchain.Save",
    "version": 1,
    "network": "mumbai",
    "operation": "save",
    "parameters": { 
        "value": "Hello World!"

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