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Easy to use Badges user interface to add Issuers, Badges and award certificates.

Blockchain Web Services provides a robust API-first platform that simplifies the development of blockchain applications without any expensive blockchain learning curve and setup.

Our Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) API approach ensures seamless integration and development, while our built-in interfaces allow small customers to explore and use our solutions with no investment.

Visit the sign-up page, create an account (it is free), and once you're in, select 'Badges' from the menu on the left. You will be presented with an interface to manage and issue Digital Badges.

Open Badge V2.0

We use the Open Badge standard, "the world's leading format for digital badges". Open Badges is not a specific product or platform but a type of digital badge that is verifiable, portable, and packed with information about skills and achievements.

Let's define the nomenclature you will find in our built-in interface and our solution API.

Issuer (Organization, Institution or Individual)

An issuer is an entity that provides and awards digital badges to recipients.

When a badge is awarded, the issuer's information is encoded within the badge, allowing recipients to showcase their skills or achievements with verifiable proof of where the badge came from and what it represents.

Badge (Digital Certificate, Credential)

A badge is a digital representation of a skill, achievement, or learning outcome that has been acquired by an individual. Badges serve as verifiable, portable digital marks of recognition that can be shared across various platforms and environments.

Award (Recognition, Accreditation, Endorsement)

An award is a formal recognition of the achievement, skill, or competency an individual has earned, represented by the issue of a digital badge. It validates the recipient's accomplishment and allows them to display and use the badge as a symbol of their success and capability.

Using a simple Issuers list overview, you can Add and Delete badge issuers. Please note that once an Issuer has released an Award, you cannot delete it - badge data should be immutable for trust and transparency.

To add a new issuer, click on the "+ Badge Issuer" button, inform the Issuer Name, Issuer Email, and Issuer Website, and click the "Add Issuer" button.

Once registered, your new Issuer will get listed, and you can start creating new badges and reward Digital Certificates.

Email Verification Required

When adding a new issuer, the issuer's email will be subject to verification. We send a verification email containing a link and a code to the provided address.

The email address owner must follow the instructions (if, for some reason, the email address owner doesn't want to use the verification link, you can ask him to provide the code he receives - you will also be able to verify the issuer using this code).

How do you verify an issuer "manually"?

If the issuer email owner prefers not to click on links provided in emails, ask him to send you the code included (for example, "CYMDF"). You can then verify the issuer by selecting "Verify Issuer" from the actions menu you can find on the list.

Once you've defined the Badge Issuers you manage, you can start defining the badges you will reward your alumni, team, or individuals you want to reward.

Using the same approach for creating Issuers, select an issuer at the top list and click "+ Badge".

As for the Open Badge specification, a badge consists of an image, a name, a description, and the criteria to be awarded.

Criteria Text Formatting

While there is no standard for the criteria format, and plain text should be used, we recommend that you write a line per each criterion required to get awarded. We will format each of the lines as the example below.

Having selected an Issuer and the certificate you want to award an individual, click the "+ Award" button.

Enter the Certificate name, email, and validity period, and click on the "Award Badge" button.

Important Note on Data Confidentiality.

In full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), our API is designed to be strongly committed to privacy and data protection. We understand the importance of safeguarding personal information and uphold the highest data privacy standards.

When our API processes email data, it does so in real time. The data is transmitted securely and never recorded, stored, or saved on our servers.

If you check "send download instructions, " an email gets sent to the recipient with instructions on downloading, viewing or sharing his new award.

If you decide not to send the instructions when creating a new certificate, you can still send those instructions later. Be aware that you must inform the recipient's email address to do it.

When a new award is created, you can send the recipient's email address the instructions to download or share his new achievement. The email below will be used.

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